soophisticated_beautyfavorites3 soophisticated_beautyfavorites1 soophisticated_beautyfavorites4 soophisticated_beautyfavorites2So let’s talk beauty favorites! Starting today with my favorite skin products. I have a very dry skin, which turns a bit oily at the end of the day on the T-zone. It was so hard to find the right hydration products which moisturizes my skin, but doesn’t make the oily spots worse. So when I found samples from the Chanel Hydra Beauty line enclosed with a magazine I tried them out and I was very pleased with the result! The smell is nice and fresh and so is the texture (not too thick but not too thin). The serum is to give your skin a bit of extra care to prevent it from makeup and other stuff getting into your pores. It’s a bit expensive, but it lasts forever, since you only need a small bit (size of your smallest finger nail). After that I apply the Hydra Beauty Crème. I use these products twice a day, before putting on my make-up and after cleaning my face before I go to bed.

But next to giving my skin the hydration it needs, I make sure it’s clean by scrubbing it on a daily basis. This is a thing I always found overrated and not necessary. But since I started scrubbing, I could tell a difference in the smoothness of my skin! My favorites are the Coconut Scrub and the Dead Sea Minerals Salt. The Coconut Scrub smells gooood and the Dead Sea Minerals makes your skin feel like satin. The last one I bought in Spain, so I hope I will return there before I run out! What are your beauty ritals and absolute favorites? Would love to hear!

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