Soophisticated - Striped Top Addiction

I could wear them everyday: stripes! All above are my favorite striped tops and sweaters. I actually do own more than pictured, woops. But hey, you should always invest in key pieces. And in my belief timeless stripes are quite a key and musthave.


This is a discussion my boyfriend and I had when I was packing my suitcase last summer. I couldn’t choose between my striped tops and I actually had 4 or 5 on the pile to take with me. “But they’re all the same?!”, my boyfriend said. “No, of course not babe! This one has sleeves, this one a crew neck, this one has this cute little detail and that one over there is cropped..” You should have seen the look on this face! I would still have the same dilemma though, because to me they are really different! I guess you women would understand. Or is it truly me?

Soophisticated - Striped Top Addiction

Some options: 1. fine lined striped shirt 2. navy stripes 3. classic striped top. – hah see my point? All striped tops, but different right?


As you might read from above: I could wear them all day everyday. Basic, with a blue jeans. Classy with a jacket and heels. Festive with a skirt and bold jewelry. Because the next quote is so true! Are you also a stripe-addict? How many striped tops do you own?

Soophisticated - Striped Top Addiction


2 thoughts on “ THE TIMELESS STRIPED TOP ”

  1. I couldn’ t agree with you more!! And I can imagine the look on your boyfriends face haha. Mine probably looks the same when I see a beautiful striped top and want to buy it and explain him why I need it and why it’s different from all the others in my closet :p Men… they’ll never understand!

    Nice post!

  2. Stripes are a basic in my wardrobe too! And each one is totally different whether it’s a different cut, varying stripe widths, or shades of blue/black! 😀

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