Basket Bag - Soophisticated

Basket Bag - Soophisticated


I’d already seen them coming by summer 2016, but since the summer came around again these past weeks they start popping up on my screen again: the basket bags. Mostly made out of all natural materials like palm leaves. They remind me of the beach bags my mother used to have on our summer vacations, bought on little Spanish markets. Big and light-weight, to carry all beach towels, books and bottles of water. The perfect summer essential!

Basket Bag - SoophisticatedBasket Bag - Soophisticated


Another great thing about these bags, is that they don’t cost too much! If you take a good look and search around a little bit, you can find them for less than €30 most of the time! Like these new ones, from Dille & Kamille! The small basket bag was only €16! Perfect to evenings out, or strolling through the city and drinking cocktails at the beach when on vacation! <3

Here are a few of my favorites, including mine from Dille & Kamille. Admit it, you need one right?


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