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Knit // Vanilia
When in doubt.. ask Instagram! That should be a wisdom quote, love it! I came across this be-a-utiful baby blue knit dress at Vanilia yesterday. Oh boy, the color is just perfect, the model and shape of the knit also. But… it’s wool. The moment I pulled the knit on, it felt itchy around my arms and back. The only reason I was in doubt wether to buy it or not, because the rest was perfect (and it’s on sale too!). So time to call in the help of my Insta loves! The overall opinion? I think you can answer that for yourself, looking at the photo’s above! Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to go for beauty over “itchy-ness”. Luckily there are a few tricks to make it feel less itchy like putting it in the freezer or just wearing a top underneath. Have a lovely weekend guys! 

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