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It has been a looooong time since I posted an outfit, especially taken outside! I blame the lack of time, light and no photographer nearby. Luckily I saw my chance with my boyfriend, when he had a spare moment. And those are rare, because as a musician, you’re always busy making music, composing and joining jamsessions. I truly love him for his awesome ambition though! <3 Some of you might know we are a couple for quite some time now (10 years – say whattt!). Our secret? Of course loving each other to death, but I think the best part of our relationship is that we love and respect each others ambition and needed space/time to act that out. We wouldn’t be together, if one of us wouldn’t let the other free in his or her passion. This also means we don’t see each other everyday and we are happy to find one moment a month to actually go out together. But it’s all in the little moments, right? Ok, back to the outfit!

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I find it hard to describe my style. It’s comfy with a twist? Comfort is super important, I want to be able to move, bike and run around with an outfit without stressing about the height of my heels, or putting clothes in the right place constantly. But, however, an outfit must have an edge. This mom jeans, combined with striped top is my ultimate comfortable outfit! Perfect for the weekends, because ripped jeans to work? Nope! My granny doesn’t understand that anyway. “Why paying for something that has already holes in it?” I can’t blame her for that though!

Biker Boots - Biker Boots – Manfield / Jeans – Pull&Bear / Striped T-Shirt – H&M / Coat – Zara / Hat – Scotch&Soda / Crossbody Bag – AntiChic

Biker Boots -


If there is one thing I have a slight obsession for, it’s biker boots. Whenever I am in the need of new shoes, I buy black ankle boots. Some basic and some with that edge. Like the ones with red laces I showed here. Browsing through the webshop of Manfield I was super surprised seeing these new biker boots coming by! Edgy, but not too bold. So they will be perfect with a more sophisticated outfit, like a skirt or dress, too! When showing them to the boyfriend his reaction was; “don’t you already have similar ones?”. Hah, I don’t blame him because I have (had) a lot of black biker boots. But I really liked the chains on these! And also very important: boots have to have a thick treaded sole. Searching for a more subtile black ankle boots? I also saw these -more classy- biker boots coming by!

New Biker Boots -

This post is created in collaboration with Manfield. All opinions and content are my sincere and genuine feelings about the subject.

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