Mothersday is coming! Already cracking your brains for the perfect gift? I bet your mother is already super pleased with a kiss, big hug or handwritten card. But for those of you who are still a bit in doubt, I have something nice! The My Jewellery Mother Daughter Bracelets!

Mothersday gift ideas

When you have a black out for gift ideas I summed up some for you:

  1. The prettiest flowers
  2. Bake her some sweets (muffins, delicious cake, anything chocolate)
  3. Take her out for a delicious lunch or dinner
  4. Give her a lovely smelling body butter or bath salt
  5. Jewellery is always a good idea

In case you pick that last one.. I have a tip for you!

My Jewellery Mother Daughter Collection

Talking about jewellery, these bangles are the perfect “friends forever” bracelets to share with your mom. Or just give her both, I bet she deserves that too! Go for golden or silver bracelets, it’s up to you! If you follow me, you know that I love pretty tiny jewellery that you can easily stack. I’m sure your mom will love them too!

These bangles are not the only ones from their collection, as My Jewellery got many more options! More a necklace kinda person? Love their ‘Mama’ or ‘You Are Special’ necklace! I’ve listed a few options below, just click and view!

This post was created in collaboration with My Jewellery. All content is made by me. I never accept products I wouldn’t consider buying myself.

1 thought on “ My Jewellery Mother Daughter / Gift Idea ”

  1. Mooie collectie! Ben sowieso fan van de sieraden van My Jewellery en denk dat mijn moeder zo’n armband ook eigelijk best zou kunnen waarderen.

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