Time to share my favorite tool to edit photos on my phone! When I take pictures with my iPhone, instead of the camera, I like to edit them right on the spot. No photoshop needed, because VSCOcam has all filters and options you’d like! Let me state that this is not a sponsored post, but just a fan speaking.

VSCO is my all time favorite. A lot of beautiful filters + a lot of different settings to change. What I love most about VSCO? 1) The amount of filters and pre-sets. 2) It’s super easy and user friendly. 3) You can save your favorite routines, so you can easily copy-paste them onto your next photos. This way your feed has the same style and colour setting.

VSCO Cam, my routine

What’s my to-go routine?
– Choose filter. I often go for HB1 or HB2.
– Alter the intensity of the filter, this depends on the light/setting of the original photo.
– Adjust brightness. I always go for extra light.
– Adjust contrast.
– Adjust temperature. I love cool temperatures over warm ones.
Sometimes I play with the saturation too, but it totally depends on the photo itself.

Are you using VSCO yourself? What do you think?

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