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Sunglasses – You & EYE // Shirtdress – H&M Trend // Leather shorts – Episode // Boots – Dr. Martens // Bag – H&M

Yesterday felt like a mini vacation. Going to a festival (I was at Lakedance) and be able to go bare-legged because it’s the one and only sunny day of the week feels great! We were so lucky! Dancing in the sun, drinking beers and Mojito’s, chilling on sun chairs and having no obligations for an entire day, made me feel I was on a mini holiday! I wore a new shirtdress from H&M Trend, with leather shorts underneath (so I could dance without being afraid to be in my undies), Dr. Martens and the perfect small cross body bag.
It’s always funny to recognize people at the station (the festival was not in my hometown) also going to the festival, just by the look of their outfits. Girls with denim shorts, rain boots, feathers and small or flowery headbands. You see them everywhere!
Although this seems to be the festival uniform, I saw some great other outfits coming by. I think the most important thing is to feel comfortable, wear flat boots/shoes (yes I do saw some high-heeled girls yesterday, like what?!) and wear a big smile!! What’s your festival uniform?

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