Bikini season is here and so is the prettiest swimwear! I have the same thing with bikini’s as with stationary stuff: I keep seeing cute new ones. So every year new bikini’s are added to the collection. Although I have three Triangl bikini’s (which I still find super pretty), I really really really love these ones from the latest collections! There were so many, I though I’d share my favorite Swimwer 2017 picks with you!

Swimwear 2017 - Bikini's - Soophisticated


1. Apricot Pink Bikini Top – H&M // 2. Triangle Top Khaki Green – H&M // 3. Reggipetto Bikini Top – LoveStories // 4. Velvet Bikini Top – H&M  // 5. Miss Daisy Bikini Top – LoveStories  // 6. Uma Bikini Top – LoveStories

As I like all things velvet (sofa’s, tops, cushions), I also instantly loved the pink (BONUS) velvet bikini top from H&M. Wonder how that one feels when you come out of the water though! And oh boy, those beauties by LoveStories.. cute prints, ruffles and straps.

Swimwear 2017 - Soophisticated

Swimwear 2017 - Swimsuits - Soophisticated


1. Red Strap Back Swimsuit – &OtherStories  // 2. Black Cord Swimsuit – H&M // 3. Flowered Swimsuit – H&M // 4. Red Sue Swimsuit – LoveStories // 5. Black Swimsuit – H&M // 6. Blue Striped Classic Cut Swimsuit – &OtherStories

Ohh yes.. I might buy a swimsuit this season! So many beauties to find at the moment! The only thing what always hold me back, is the fact your belly stays white as can be when at the beach. So if there is anyone who can tell me their secret tricks, let me know! 🙂

My favorite from above? Hard to choose! I really love the red striped with strap back bathingsuit from &OtherStories. A little retro and so elegant! But I’ve also seen the Sue bathingsuit in red, from LoveStories, coming by in the vlog of lovely Yara. Damn she is rocking that one!!

Also on the hunt for swimwear? What are your favorites? 

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