Isson sunglasses – You & EYE

Ever since I started blogging with my Nikon camera, I’ve had the standard kit lens 18-55mm. Nothing bad about it, since my camera is still one of my best purchases! But as you know, I’m quite a detail-photography-lover, so it was time to expand my photography tools with a new toy. I’ve received this 50mm lens from my parents, as a graduation present and I’m over the moon with the results! I’ve done some online research on which lenses could be useful to me and saw some pretty positive reviews on this one. It is called “the lens everyone should have” in many reviews. Photos with this lens have a beautiful depth and focus, also called bokeh which means your focus point is super sharp and the background is beautifully blurred. This makes it an attractive lens for lovers of detail shots. And yes I am super pleased about it! I’m not a photography expert and I don’t now a thing (or two) about the technical details of it, but it delivers awesome photo’s and that is all that matters, don’t it? Would love to hear which lens is your favorite lens if you have one! Have a beautiful sunday loves!

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