loft apartment – wishlistloft apartment - wishlist


In only a few months or two, we’ll be moving into our new loft apartment! So it’s about time to get some things on paper. Talking about: the wishlist! When working for a interior design shop, you’ll easily get an inspiration overload and a killer of a wishlist. But since I haven’t find that money-tree yet, I’ll adjust my wishlist with vintage, low budget, design and mainstream brands.

loft apartment - wishlist


We don’t have the space to place an ultra big sofa, so a lounge chair might be a good option. Especially those old vintage cocktail chairs in velvet fabrics! So I’ll keep searching 2nd hand shops, marktplaats and the internet for the perfect one!

loft apartment - wishlist


This has been on my wishlist for quite a while now: large mirrors! I would really love a round one with a diameter of at least 1 meter. I hope to find a second hand mirror, because this size is hard to find at lower budget! All tips are welcome though!

loft apartment - wishlist


When you ask me what my style of interior is, it’s Scandinavian mixed with industrial. There has been a change in that style though! When thinking about Scandinavian interiors you might think of the all-white clean and minimalistic spaces. That there has been changed, since deeper colours and warm tones are mixed with natural materials like wood. I would really love to combine the functional and esthetic Scandinavian style with deep colours like the ones above. Theobert Pot does this perfectly in his interior – see photo on the right. And oh yes… that pink sofa please!

loft apartment - wishlist


Another thing on the loft apartment – wishlist, is more art! I have two posters at the moment, one urban botanic poster and an Andy Warhol quote. But I might want to invest more in art! Like the beau-ti-ful illustrations by Cate Adriana – the middle + right on photo above! Certainly check her out, she is awesome!

loft apartment - wishlist


Isn’t that just a basic thing or need? Yes! But the past years we lived in a small studio in the city centre, with just one room to eat, sleep, cook and chill, and a DIY room divider to keep it seperate. We have a small bathroom, storage and separate toilet too, but that was about it. Now, a loft apartment is an open space too, but with the bedroom being upstairs it has more of a real-bedroom-feel. So when having dinner, we don’t see our bed, hooray!

loft apartment - wishlist


Another frustration at the moment: our dining table. When we moved in here, we bought a bar table with high stools (see here), to save up some space. But after almost 3 years, I would love to sit at a normal (hight) dining table. When you’re working on your macbook for a few hours, the high stools are getting annoying after a while. So a new dining table might come in handy. Like the design table Tavolo XZ3 (left on photo above), which is on my loft apartment – wishlist for a while now!

1. Magis Tavolo XZ3 at MisterDesign // 2. Velvet Lounge Chair at Sissy-Boy // 3. Illustration by Cate Adriana // 4. Varamin Carpet at Karwei // 5. Big Round Mirror by AYTM // 6. Dot Sheets by Crisp Sheets

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