Loft Apartment

Loft Apartment - Tavolo XZ3 Dining Table - Soophisticated

Time flies by so extremely fast! We moved into our new loft apartment the first of may, so that is already 2,5 months now. Almost all set, because when is a home ever ready, right? But I figured it was about time to show you the first part of our loft – the dining area! We finished it bit by bit and now we can finally say this part has finished!


When they were almost done renovating the building, we had the opportunity to walk in and see our loft apartment for the first time. Before, we only saw the outside of the monastery, and only see it on drawings. This made it even more exciting as we didn’t exactly knew where we signed up for.

The moment we walked in, we knew: there had to be a round dining table in this apartment. This because of the beautiful height! As I work at MisterDesign, an interior design store with the most beautiful design brands, my wish list was (is) endless. We went for the Tavolo XZ3 table from the design brand Magis. It’s a black table with wired frame, which makes it industrial but also timeless. The wired frame also takes away some volume, which is perfect because our loft isn’t extremely big.

Loft Apartment - Soophisticated

Loft Apartment - Amp Lamps Normann Copenhagen - Soophisticated


Visualizing a round table right under the highest spot of the loft, also meant we visualized lamps hanging down from the upper ceiling. These were also on my wish list, like so many other beautiful design lights. But the Amp Lamp from Danish brand Normann Copenhagen was a perfect pick for this spot. With a group of three. These lamps are made of smoked and golden glass in two different sizes, with black and green marble accents. Because we just hung them, the cords have to straighten themselves in time, according for them to hang all straight in the end. The smoked grey and green accents in the lamps are perfect, because green seems to be a returning colour in our interior. We painted another wall grey-ish dark green with black cabinets, but will show you that in another post soon and the green velvet sofa is still on our wish/to-do list. And it’s a becoming a plant walhalla. Funny thing though, when I bought our first plant my boyfriend didn’t think much of it. Now we (and he) can’t have enough!

Loft Apartment - Chairs - Soophisticated

Loft Apartment - Soophisticated


Finding the right chairs was the hardest part. If you work with the most beautiful design chairs, finding something similar within a small budget isn’t easy. A lot of “cheaper” chairs are knock-offs from iconic design chairs, which makes it impossible for me to invest money in. Don’t get me wrong: I understand why people would opt for those when you can’t or won’t pay €300+ for a single chair. But as my job is to tell the story behind the design, the designers and the beauty and craftsmanship, I simply can’t disrespect those aspects by buying knock offs myself.

Back to Ikea. They made some huge image change to my opinion. The designs get much more classy and even have a luxurious feeling to it. Sofa’s, cabinets and cool plants, but I hadn’t seen chairs I liked at Ikea before. Until my colleague told me of one of the latest additions to the Ikea chair collection; Svenbertil. The perfect addition to the table, with the black powder coated slim legs. All too black? Nope, we absolutely love it! And a little less than €40 per chair, say whut!

We are so over the moon with our new place and how it turned out! Will show you some more soon!


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