I can’t believe how fast time flies by. It seems like yesterday that we moved into our loft apartment. Fact is, it’s been 9 months ago! Time for a new home update I guess? This time a corner that I wanted to decorate for a while now. The bedroom area!

Creating a cosy loft bedroom

As we live in a loft, we have an entresol with open view throughout the whole space. This also means that the walls are connected to each other and runs up all to the second floor. I love to have some more (darker) colour on the walls. But it would look kinda weird when the colour just stops on the point where “downstairs” starts. So I started to think about some wall art or posters as the perfect solution.

Wall of frames

How about a wall of frames in different sizes? And as I was thinking about a plan to tackle that big white wall, I came in contact with Posterlounge. This webshop has such a big collection of posters! And one thing I like too.. Next to posters, you can print your artwork on wood, glass, forex and canvas too!

Left to right: Wald voll Birken, Mist over the forest, Dark Leaves, Oh la la, Inkgirl 11, Linear BW

As I already knew what kind of style it had to become, it wasn’t hard to choose. Black and whites, but also a deep colour to give it a little more power. So I went for some black and white artwork with tekst and lines, combined with some nature inspired ones and an abstract figure of a woman. So happy with the result! (Had to call in some help from dad though, as I broke his drill trying it myself.. woops).

How to create the perfect selection of posters?

So how to find your personal favorites out of the lot? Let me help you with some tips and steps I followed to create this wall quick and easy:

1) Try to determine your personal style with, for example, Pinterest! Scroll through all the inspirations and ‘pin’ the styles and colours you like.
2) Once you know your style, you search the webshop by categorie, room or artwork and filter out the colours, interior style (Scandinavian yay!) and format.
3) See things you like? Tab the ‘heart’ and add it all to your wishlist. I found this so useful, as you see a complete overview of all the posters you may like for your home. Like a little moodboard.
4) Now it’s time to cut the crap and remove the ones you feel like they don’t fit in.
5) Done? Add to chart and contact your father, boyfriend or neighbour to help you hang them up (haha!)

This post was made in collaboration with Posterlounge. I only work with brands that I think will interest you as much as me. I believe in complete transparency and I will never work with brands I do not have a genuine belief and interest in. Read here more about press/ethics.

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