soophisticated.instadiary.oktoberOne of the few times without eyeliner, deep red lips instead // New shirt // One of the lucky few to meet mr. John Legend // At the Blog Class Event of Yara // “Keep Calm and Blog On” // Furry detail preview // This quote is made for me // Comfort & Denim // Reading COS magazine


New clothing rack // So in love with this soft angora coat // New Dr. Martens // “Wearing today” // DIY glass earrings // New bright yellow teddy coat // Flowers & Docs, best combination // Too tired to come out of bed early // DIY glass earrings

I recently got asked what is my most favorite social media channel. Not a hard one to answer! Instagram for sure! Why? It’s fast. It’s visual. It’s easy. Quick to update. Everything is cool (really, just add filters and you’re good to go). So here it is again! My monthly update on what appeared on Instagram. (There is more, so be sure to check it out!)

A few personal tips to rock your Instagram account?
1. Make sure to create a certain steady “mood” in your insta feed. Show your style of photography. 2. Play with colors, use the same range of colors coming back to create an overall appearance (not go too crazy on different filters) 3. My personal favorites are the ones that have a bright and sharp photos, on which you really see content. 4. Try to focus on one item while photographing, shoot what’s necessary (you could add some blur to make it stand out more). 5. Want to edit your photo’s a bit more? Try the app VSCO Cam. I use this one to make photo’s brighter, sharper and play with saturation. 6. Add hashtags if you want more people to see your photo.

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