Outfit preview // DIY make-up bag // Shopping &OtherStories // Everything on grey scale // Interior details and tote bag give-away // Holocaust monument Berlin // Holocaust monument Berlin // Starting a new day // Some good company while waiting on the train


Some fine winter gear // Matte grey nails // Masking tape decoration // The moment you get out of the shower and have nothing to wear // P-erfect shoes! // A day without phones, can you? // Interior Inspiration // The best slouchy tank // These booties are on their way home!

24 hours offline was an experiment, at which I was very conscious about what I did and didn’t do online that day. The upcoming week will have some similarity with that. Next friday is my D-day. Read: Deadline day. The day I have to finish all my school assignments and resits from the past 3 years. I can’t graduate this year if I don’t. That means I’ll have to spend every minute I have on school work (except a meeting for a possible internship in Amsterdam, fingers crossed). I expect a lot of offline minutes the next 120 hours.

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