Soophisticated VSCO CAMOne of my most used apps, next to WhatsApp and Instagram is probably VSCO CAM! This is the main photo-edit app I use for all my Instagram photos! It’s easy, quick, clean and has beautiful filters so just the way I like it to be! When you edit your photo’s with the same filters/tools, you notice your feed is a lot more in line with each other. So I thought I show you how to use it, or at least: how I like to use it!
Soophisticated VSCO CAM


VSCO CAM has several filters, wherewith you can easily change the intensity. My favorite ones are the cooler filters, who also add some contrast and brightness to photos. Like the A5 filter, also used in this post! Next to the filters, VSCO cam has a few tools to work with. You probably know the most of them, because they are quite the same as the tools in Instagram. I mostly use the highlight, contrast and temperature tools and if needed the sharpen tool.

Another awesome feature is the copy-paste tool, which makes editing photos of the same range super easy and quick! More of my favorite tools, you can see in the video down below!
Soophisticated VSCO Cam


I thought it would be nice to make a video of working with VSCO CAM, a bit of a trial and error project to be honest, haha!
1. It was super dark and cloudy when filming
2. I tried to install a new video editing software, which failed
3. The standard iMovie on my Apple Macbook and I aren’t friends
So I’m sorry for the somewhat shitty quality, next time will be better. (If you like me posting videos of course).
Soophisticated VSCO CAM

Are you also a VSCO lover like me? Or do you have other apps which are your favorite? Love to hear!

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