Orthorexia: is enough, enough?

Orthorexia - Enough is Enough - Soophisticated


Getting into this healthy lifestyle has brought me so much and I can honestly tell that I feel so much happier than a few years back. Not only body-wise, but also in mind. More confident, energetic and happy. But there is also a risky and (dramatically said) dark side about this “fit lifestyle”. And with that, I mean the big “fit girl hype” – especially on social media. Yes, I do love to post pretty and healthy dinner pics, my abs peeping through and transformation photos on Instagram, but I am also super conscious about the whole image. You might have heard of the term orthorexia, which is a new type of eating disorder, mainly caused by this upcoming fit trend.

Orthorexia - Enough is Enough - Soophisticated


Since my journey, and especially when results started showing, people around me have warned me not too go too far. When is enough, enough? Do I hate people telling and asking me that? Mmm, yes and no. I really love the honesty and appreciate people caring for me. But at the same time.. it is my passion and new lifestyle that I feel so happy about, so why can’t they? I do see the danger and risk in pushing the healthy lifestyle a bit too far. I can’t deny I haven’t had that scary voice in my head once; “Fuck I ate this chocolate bar so let’s do an extra round of cardio..” But having that thought made me angry at myself. If I can’t enjoy that chocolate bar, it isn’t even worth it.. Luckily I am not the type of girl who let herself get lost and influenced in a negative way. That’s my luck, because I know a lot of girls out there do get lost in this new body image of being super healthy, clean and toned. It’s hard not to get lost, if all you see on social media is healthy, toned, skinny, strong and fit, right?


I think the most important thing to keep in mind, is to be happy! Not to lose yourself and be you. There is nothing wrong with eating clean, because hey.. it’s better than eating junk all the time. One meal won’t make you fat. You won’t gain 2 kilograms by eating chocolate, crisps and other snacks’s one evening. When should you be alarmed? When you cancel dinner with friends, because you can’t fill out the ingredients in your calorie-counting-app. Or do an extra round of cardio because you cheated, instead of doing it because you love to go that extra mile. Or if you panic when you haven’t worked out one day. Try to stay focussed on your mind and not body. Because what do you need that killerbody for, if you can’t be happy about it?

Sorry for this long talk, but I really think orthorexia should be mentioned, because I know a lot of girls are struggling with it! Although I don’t see myself as a super influential fitgirl, I nevertheless hope to inspire and motivate you in a good and not a negative way! Experienced the thoughts I wrote above yourself too?


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning this! I think it should be talked about more often. It doesn’t make you any less inspiring in the fitness world. I’ve never become that obsessed with fitness for it to be dangerous to my health, but I do have to remember to forgive myself if I can’t do a planned workout one evening and just need a night on the sofa instead!

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