How to get motivation

How To Get Motivation To Work-Out? Soophisticated

Hellooo loves! That’s been a while, ain’t it? For all of you following me on Instagram know I’m doing fine! More than fine actually! I feel healthy, energetic, happy and pretty much everything is going fine. Why? Because I’m still in the sports-vibe! Like told in my previous blog I’m being coached at Health Advies Breda, where I get personal advice with a food and training schedule! This I love love love. But… the motivation has to come from within, right?

How to get motivation? 

Right now, I’m exercising 4-5 times a week. This isn’t because my coach Zwier is pushing me into the gym, but because I really want to! Sounds corny, but it makes me happy body- and mind-wise! When I don’t go for two days my energy level starts dropping. But.. it wasn’t always like this. How to get started and motivated? Let me give you my personal tips:

1. Set yourself a goal!
No goals, no pressure, no results. But don’t overdo! Set reasonable and realistic goals which doesn’t cost you a year to reach. This way, you will keep motivated to go that extra mile, not take that extra cheat and do another set.

2. Make pictures
Yes, this one is confronting! Been there, done that. But trust me, this one is so convincing! Once you’ve set a visual goal, like loosing those love handles or getting those abs out, it’s hard for you to see progress along the way. This because you might peek into the mirror too often and see a slow change. BUT if you take photos every 2 weeks, you might get surprised by the changes! And if you are having an off-day, it can help to look at the before pictures to kick some motivation in your but!

3. Get everyone on board! 
This one can make a huge difference! Tell everybody around you, or at least the closest ones, what your goal is. They can be your motivation as well! You don’t want friends holding you back saying you can skip the gym and “you don’t need it”. Of course.. quality time with friends is super important! But you might want friends who can motivate you when you have an off day!

What are your motivational keys to get yourself to the gym?

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