Beet Scones - Soophisticated - Recipes To Make

photo/ The Green Life


The internet is filled with beautiful things. Including delicious recipes from the best cooks and food bloggers. I could scroll through beautiful and mouthwatering pictures for hours and hours on Pinterest. True story: whenever food looks pretty, it tastes even better. Since I have some tummy issues (IBS/dutch: prikkelbare darm syndroom) and have to skip a lot of ingredients, I like searching for delicious and new recipes even more. I want to keep myself inspired to eat healthy, delicious meals and snacks, even though I can’t eat things like gluten, lactose, garlic, onions, beans, some fruits and veggies and more.

With this new topic I want to share some pretty pretty recipes, that I found on the world wide web. Just because there are so many to find and I think some of them should definitely be seen by you as well!

Beet Scones - Soophisticated - Recipes To Make

photo/ The Green Life


So here we go, the first Recipe to Make: Beet Scones! I found this one via -of course- Pinterest, which led me to the blog of Sophie (lovely name, don’t you think? 🙂 ) called The Green Life. The thing I realllly like about this recipe? It’s vegan, gluten-free and of all natural ingredients. Although it seems like a savory meal on first sight, these Beet Scones also have a chocolate flavour. Yes please! Oh and did I mention I really, really, really like the colour? I might begin a gathering of pink recipes, which includes my pink pancakes, pink oats and pink hummus, don’t you think?

So I’ll definitely let you know when I made this one. Can’t wait to try them out myself, so I might make them this weekend! Let me know if you tried them out yourself too!


See Sophie’s recipe for 12 Beet Scones with dark chocolate and pistachios here.

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