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So this is for all the pasta lovers who try to cut down the calories! A while back I came across a recipe on Instagram where the pasta was replaced by courgette. So I tried it myself and holy cow.. It’s healthier, lower in calories and super delicious! You can make the strands by using a fancy machine like a spirelli or use a cheese slicer (or peeler) and a sharp knife like I did! This is such a smart solution for everybody who hates skipping pasta from your diet! Bon appetit loves!

You’ll need:
✚  A courgette per person
✚  Gambas
✚  Red onion
✚  Garlic
✚  Pesto
✚  Olive Oil
✚  Optional addings of whatever you like (try it with goat cheese or feta instead of gambas)

Slice and bake!
✚  Use a spirelli or a peeler + sharp knife to make strands out of the courgette.
✚  Cut the onion and garlic.
✚  Warm up a pan with some olive oil and fruit the onion and garlic.
✚  Add the gambas and bake them for about 3 minutes.
✚  And lastly: add the courgette strands to heat them up.
✚  Ready.. Set… Eat!

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