cauliflower rice

Cauliflower Rice - SoophisticatedCauliflower Rice - Soophisticated

Yummmm.. Seriously, who ever said being on a diet is boring and stands for eating only lettuce? There are SO many delicious, healthy and clean recipes to find on the world wide web. Hooray for the fit/healthy trend, because this makes it more easy to stick to your healthy lifestyle! You probably heard of, or even made it yourself; courgetti (recipe)! There is a new upcoming veggie substitute for pasta, rice or other carb-packed products: cauliflower! And this one is just as easy -if not easier- than courgetti! The only thing you need is a cauliflower, a kitchen machine and herbs!


✚  one cauliflower (you can make a lot out of it)
✚  herbs (i used tumerin, cumin, chili flakes and pepper)
✚  two cloves of garlic
✚  one tablespoon of olive oil
✚  kitchen machine

How it’s done:
✚ Cut the cauliflower in smaller pieces and add it to your kitchen machine
✚ Once the cauliflower has the size of small rice or cous-cous it’s ready
✚ Heat the olive oil in a wok and bake the cauliflower rice together with the herbs and garlic to your liking!

Et voila! Ready you are! I made a salad with beef, green beans, rocket and muchrooms!


2 thoughts on “ CAULIFLOWER RICE ”

    1. Sorry for my late reply Karla! I put it on medium fire and I think for about 10 minutes. But if you like it softer, you could bake it longer. Depends on how you like it! xx

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