beetroot hummus

Beetroot Hummus - Soophisticated Beetroot Hummus - Soophisticated Beetroot Hummus - SoophisticatedBeetroot Hummus - Soophisticated

I’m such a sucker for pretty food and especially the dreamy ones I find on Pinterest. That in combination with my love for healthy, clean food and hummus brought this beauty of a recipe! No refined sugars or tablespoons full of olive oil. Just a clean and one hell of a pretty spread or dip! I think it’s no news if I say: it’s suuuper easy. I simply like the most easy and delicious recipes.


✚  one can of chickpeas (+/- 260 grams)
✚  2 large beets (200 grams), raw or already cooked
✚  100 gram of grilled paprika
✚  juice of 1 lemon
✚  a hand full fresh basil
✚  2 garlic cloves, minced
✚  a tablespoon tahini
✚  salt/pepper to taste

How it’s done:
✚  If you bought raw beets: cook them for approximately 30-40 minutes.
✚ Cut the cooked beets in small cubes
✚ Add all ingredients in your food processor.
✚ Taste and add more salt/pepper to taste

I made this delicious beetroot hummus as a dip/spread for an evening with colleagues. Have some left over? Combine with avocado on toast! Suuuper nice because it’s fresh, a bit spicy and stills your hungry very fast! Enjoy!

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