almond bliss balls

Almond Bliss Balls - Soophisticated
Energy bites, bliss balls, protein snacks.. So many names for these delicious and healthy snacks. And so many variations! I’ve made them before, with a shot espresso. Go here for that recipe.


Unfortunately I have some bloating-issues, of which I’m still searching out which food I can and can’t eat. I know one thing for sure: when I eat dates, I get bloated almost immediately. That sucks! Because I find dates so delicious and they are a perfect natural sweetener for recipes! They are often used in sweet recipes too and is used as “sticky” ingredient to combine the rest with each other.

I really wanted to take a healthy bite with me, the other day I went to an attraction park with the boyfriend. This in case I won’t get attracted to ice creams or other sweet things along the way. Hooray for Rens Kroes and her books! She shared a recipe of these nut balls which don’t include dates. Guilt free bites, as nuts contain all the good fats and protein you need. Made of almonds and self made almond paste: almond bliss balls!


✚  100 gr. nuts of choice
✚  160 gr. oatmeal
✚  2 tbsp. grated coconut
✚  2 tbsp. raw honey (I used maple sirup, because my belly handles this better)
✚  a pinch of salt
✚  3 tbsp. nut butter/paste
✚  2 tbsp. coconut oil – melted
✚  optional: flavours! I used dried cranberries, but you could also go for choco nibs, mulberries, goji berries etc.

Grind the nuts in the blender. Not too long though, you want small nut “crumbs”. Then mix in the rest of the ingredients and knead into a firm dough with your hands. If it’s too dry/hard, mix in some more coconut oil. When it’s too moist, add more oats.

Almond Bliss Balls - Soophisticated


I think there are just a few people on earth who don’t like peanut butter. I could eat it every single day, really! But… only the good stuff! When you go the the supermarket, you have about 20 options of peanut butter. All should only contain peanuts, right? Well, I think 3 out of those 20 are actual peanut butter, without added sugars, artificials and other crap. Why they contain so much artificial ingredients? Because then the peanut butter is perfectly moist, sweet enough, more durable and not too oily on top.


I really believe in pure ingredients and cheering for products without added things to it that aren’t necessary. So nothing better than making it yourself! Rens Kroes is also in for the best and has a recipe for self made almond paste (see left photo above), so yummie! Ever since I discovered it, I’m making it myself and also used it with the recipe above!

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