soophisticated_makeupLe Volume Mascara, Les Beiges Powder, Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation – Chanel

Do you know those little make-up samples you get enclosed with magazines from time to time? Do not (I repeat NOT) use them! Because they are gooood… and way better than the brands or products you are used to. And also way more expensive! I can tell, because I’m a sample-victim myself. I know it’s all up to me to buy them. But when I don’t I always end up in a fight with my make-up and find a dozen excuses why these are crappy. Like the Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation from Chanel. I never had such a great smelling, liquid, covering -but not too much covering-, matte foundation which stays on for so long and makes my skin super soft and velvet-y! The only bad thing about it is the price. Especially when you’re broke – I’m on the go for my drivers licence. So when I squeezed the last drop out of the bottle a month ago I  had to buy a budget-foundation and one I used to buy before this one. The result? It was sticky, didn’t blend with my skin at all and it dried my skin out. I know it’s a luxury thing and I have nothing to complain about.. but when it comes to make-up I definitely think quality over quantity. So when I received a gift voucher for the cosmetics store at work this Christmas I didn’t hesitate for a second! Do I use all and only fancy make-up products? No I don’t, because that would be too much! For example my eye-liner, my eyebrow pencil, concealer and primer! Until I get hooked again on one of those magazine enclosed samples again, yikes! 

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