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Let’s talk beauty! And with that I mean brows! Until today I’ve never done anything with my brows, not colored them (except slightly with a pencil sometimes), not waxed them or anything like that. That doesn’t mean I didn’t think about doing so! Everyone has them, but still.. it’s not the first thing we (or I) look at when facing someone. Weird right, because they are so defining for your face and expression! And that last one is exactly the point why I always hesitated to visit a beauty salon. What if they make them too dark or remove too much or create a crazy shape? That results in having natural brows, which you could hardly see because of the super light hairs and no shape at all!


But when I got a sweet mail from a new brow bar in my hometown called IBrow Junkie I took a shot! The founder, Marlies, started IBrow Junkie from her passion for perfect eyebrows. She told me she had visited all eyebrow bars and ended up with only one she truly loved, in Amsterdam. So why not start your own, right? Right now, IBrow Junkie is grown into Beauty Junkie, since she also does eyelash treatments and other facial treatments!

iBrowJunkie - Eyebrow Treatment - SoophisticatediBrowJunkie - Eyebrow Treatment - SoophisticatediBrowJunkie - Eyebrow Treatment - Soophisticated


The treatment was super nice and relaxing. It took a bit longer than usual, because we chatted a lot! (girls will be girls). Not formal, yet super professional listening to everything I wanted and was scared of! What she did? The dyed, waxed, shaped and tweezed my brows into the perfect shape for my face. Mirror time.. I never seen my brows so in shape and color, so I had to laugh at first. But I got easily used of the new sight and love it! With a new brow pencil by Mrs. Highbrow and a short lesson in applying it, I’m good to go! Why haven’t I done this before? A real recommendation! So all of you girls living in Breda (or nearby).. you know where to go

Have you ever treated your brows? Or also such a chicken like me?

This post is created in collaboration with IBrow Junkie. All opinions and content are my sincere and genuine feelings about the subject.

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