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I’ve told you about her before: iBrow Junkie! Last year I had my first appointment to do my brows, which I absolutely loved. As told, I was a bit scared to let somebody do my brows because they are so defining for your face. Especially when you have hardly any colour to begin with. I am blond and so I have blond lashes and blond brows. Whenever I walked outside without make up on, people (who I knew well, like neighbours) asked if I was sick. “Nope, it’s just me without make up on”. Jep… You understand I never go outside with at least some mascara on.


Since my first visit, I kept visiting iBrow Junkie. Because why chance a winning team? She is such a perfectionist – and only in a good way. Love the way she get’s irritated by “bad” brows or stubborn hairs peeking out the wrong way. You know when you’re brows are in good hands when the main passion is perfect brows, right! What a treatment looks like? Tinting, shaping, trimming and waxing. What I love: She looks at the shape of your face, eyes, hair color and of course your wishes, to determine how your brows should look. Next to the great results, it’s always nice to chit chat with Marlies during the treatment.


This appointment I went for something new too: a lash treatment! I have long lashes myself but, as described above, they are blond and of course not naturally lifted. Whenever I put make up on, I can’t go without my lash curler and mascara. So I was super curious about the effect of this Elleebana Lash Lift! I never thought of lash extensions, because my lashes are long enough. But giving them a lift + colour sounded like a perfect option, especially with the beach trip plannend. Goodbye waterproof mascara! The Elleebana treatment is done with a special lotion, that is applied to your lashes. Then it’s 10-17 minutes of “waiting”. She did my brows in the meantime so it was done in no-time! It should stay for at least 6 weeks, depending how fast your growth cycle is. Elleebana is originally from Australia and came to The Netherlands and Belgium end 2016. Now, it’s already available at 350 beauty stylists, so I bet there is one near you as well!

I honestly and truly recommend this treatment to anyone interested in voluminous, curled lashes. So pleased with my no-make up, natural appearance right now! I can’t say exactly how long it stays on with me personally, I have to find that out first. But after 48 hours I can say I’m extremely happy. And… I’m so much quicker in the morning!

This post is created in collaboration with IBrow Junkie. All opinions and content are my sincere and genuine feelings about the subject.

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