How to get grey hair? From blonde to silver grey!


One of the advantages of being blond is that you can easily transform the colour and tones of your hair. I think the love for grey hair started a few years ago, when I saw a few photos coming by on Pinterest (I already did this moodboard 3 years ago). Dark grey, matte grey, silver and white hair; I love all cold tones! But how to get grey hair? How to go from blonde to grey? As you could see my hair isn’t deep grey, but it got that grey-ish blond, which feels more natural to me.


My first suggestion when going to the hairdresser was to bleach it all and go grey from top to the hair-ends. WRONG! Each person has a different condition of hair. Some dry, some super smooth, frizzy, curly, straight and so on.. My hair is quite dry. Bleaching it would’ve ruined it all and make it break from top to bottom. That wasn’t an option. My hairdresser then advised to do more highlights and a silver/grey wash afterwards. Et voila! The wash sets perfectly on highlighted hair! The first time I did this, I had less highlights. But this created a bit more of a difference in colour, because the silverwash didn’t set that good on my non-highlighted parts. Now I choose for more highlights to also get the cold tones on the back of my hair as well!

How to get grey hair? From blonde to silver grey!

How to get grey hair? From blonde to silver grey!


Do I use special hair products to keep this cold tone last? Yes I do! My favorites are by far the Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo and Keune Silver Reflex Conditioner. I tried several hair products, but this is my favorite combination so far. They use Keune products at the hair salon I’m going to (Brainwash, for the curious ones). So I also tried the Keune Silver Reflex shampoo. But compared to the Fudge, it is less intense and I needed more washes to keep the tones cold. All the other grey/silver shampoos from the drugstore have the same “problem”. When washing your hair with Fudge, you leave it in for 1-5 minutes. I always see results immediately! Don’t leave it in for too long though, you don’t want it to become purple or blue! The conditioner makes the hair soft and gives it the much-needed care.

I get my products at a local store specialized in hair products or at the hair dresser, but you can also find them online. 🙂

Also have a weakness for grey-ish hair? Or products I must know about? Tell me!

How to get grey hair? From blonde to silver grey!

4 thoughts on “ HOW TO: GREY HAIR ”

  1. Jaaaa fijn en ZO mooi!! Ik was al benieuwd hoe je je haar zo mooi “naturel” grijzig kreeg. Hoe vaak was jij je haar met de shampoo?

    1. Dankjewel, lief! Ik probeer het om de wasbeurt te doen en kijk vooral naar wat het nodig heeft. Als het echt weer warmer wordt, laat ik hem 5 minuten intrekken. Zo niet gewoon eeen minuutje of twee. Liefs, Sofie

  2. Wow love it! Thanks for posting this! I really like the tones of your hair. I was indeed afraid I had to bleach my hair, but luckily it isn’t necessary! XX

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